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Voormi Women's Fall Line Jacket

Voormi Women's Fall Line Jacket

$ 399.00

“A Single Layer Jacket with the wind and snow shedding abilities of a soft shell, but the feel of a fleece”

-Outside Magazine (2015 Buyers Guide)

Well... that about says it. 

Not a Hard Shell, Not a Soft Shell, Not a Sweater, and Not a fleece. 

Rather, A truly genre blurring ‘do-it-all, wear-it-anywhere’ jacket, and the world’s first piece of outerwear to be built with our much-anticipated CORE CONSTRUCTION Technology.  Compared to the last 30 years of stiff, glue based weatherproofing technology, CORE CONSTRUCTIONTechnology relies on the direct integration of the waterproof membrane in to the core of the fabric itself. The result: A single layer, soft, supple, sweater-like fabric with previously unattainable breathability and weather resistance. Outerwear Fit.

Made in the United States exclusively from ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHCOUNTRY MERINO Wool

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