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Voormi Men's Short Sleeve Merino Tech T

Voormi Men's Short Sleeve Merino Tech T

$ 70.00

The Short Sleeve Merino Tech Tee is a lightweight shirt with heavyweight capabilities. First, it shields your body from the skin-damaging UV rays emitted by the intense summer sun. Second, it possesses all the moisture-managing wonders of wool by pulling sweat off the body and dispersing it to the outer-facing surface of the fabric where the combination of natural elements (temperature and wind) take over, keeping you dry all day. Third, it’s odor resistant so you don’t have to wash it very often. And fourth, it’s supercomfortable. Featuring our lightest and most air permeable DUAL SURFACE Precision Blended Wool, this versatile summer staple runs the gamut on warm weather days. Relaxed Fit. 

Made in the USA.


  • DUAL SURFACE Precision Blended Wool
  • Fabric Weight: 100 g/m2
  • Garment Weight: Men's L = 131g (0 lb. 5 oz.)

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