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Voormi Drift Jacket

$ 249.00

As the warmest mid-layer in the collection, the Drift jacket is the perfect answer to the call of a cold morning start. Soft, comfortable, and warm enough to live in, the already tough 21.5-micron wool is made uniquely more abrasion resistant by an array of outer surface facing Nylon fibers. Finished off with a durable water repellent coating, this is a garment engineered for serious backcountry travel.  Athletic Fit

Made in the United States exclusively from ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHCOUNTRY MERINO™ Wool

 “Merino wool makes for cozy sweaters, but its Achilles’ heel is durability: Abrasion shreds the soft fibers. Until now.” —Denver 5280 Magazine


“VOORMI’s take on wool is entirely new. By blending that high grade merino with super techy [polyester] they ended up with a midlayer that was soft on the inside, rugged on the outside, and better at wicking moisture and keeping you warm than any product getting mass produced in Asia.” —Mountain Magazine