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Clear Creek

So, I fished Clear Creek Canyon the other day for a few hours. I landed four.  Just about every fish was on the Beadhead Rainbow Warrior.  Size 18 and smaller works well.  I did have one swipe at my Orange Stimmie as well.  Like usual, I was throwing a dry/dropper rig.  The majority of the river is pretty shallow, so I prefer the dry/dropper method most of the time.  Nymphing those deeper holes can be effective as well.  Brassies size 18 and smaller have been working as well.  Beadhead or not, it doesn't seem to matter with the Brassie, but a nice tungsten bead gets is down, especially when you are throwing a dropper off your dry.  

  As always, thanks for reading and stop by the shop for supplies.  We are always happy to answer your questions as well.  Thanks for reading and tips up out there!! Josh



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