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The Blue River

 I had the chance to fish the Blue River in Silverthorne recently.  The fishing has just been getting better and better, as the fish are already in pre-spawn.  I've seen fish paired up and a few males are even spewing "milk." I have not had any females spitting eggs yet. The river is low and clear and there are plenty of opportunities for sight fishing.  If you are like me, sight fishing is the name of the game.  The fish are actively going upstream in preparation for spawn.  

   Some flies that have been successful for are as follows: egg patterns in orange and yellow, olive BWO patterns in size 20 and smaller, I prefer larger shrimp patterns in size 16 but you can go smaller, and RSII's in black or brown size 18 and smaller.  

   It is a good idea to make sure you have enough weight on so that your flies are getting down to the fish.  Generally, I change the amount of weight depending on depth of water and the speed of the current.  I prefer the smallest indicators that I can find, usually white or clear.  Short line high sticking can be very effective.  You don't need to make long casts to catch fish.  Don't forget your polarized sunglasses!  Tips up friends.  Stop by the shop anytime and Rob or I will point you in the right direction when it comes to flies and spots to fish.  Thanks for reading this blog.  




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