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Josh Patterson is helping me at the shop and as you can see still gets his days on the water!  Alot of posts will be coming from him.  Thanks Josh!!

I recently went to the Yampa near Stagecoach Reservoir.  It was my first time traveling to this tailwater.  The fishing was so good that we went back the next day as well.  The fish were strung throughout the entire section of public fishing.  There were some occasional clouds, which helped the bug hatches and also helped hide us from the fish.  During the second day it was bluebird and the fish were more weary and willing to reject my fly.  Some good patterns to use are RS2's, FBBH pheasant tails, zebra midges and various emergers, like a Barr's.  We fished more in the fast water next to the slower water when it was bluebird.  Dry dropper rigs and nymphing both work well depending on the hole you are working.

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