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Clear Creek

Clear Creek is my "home water" so I fish it more than probably any other water.  I have been fishing it the same way since the flows have came down from spring run-off.  If I can get away with a dry-fly, that is my preferred way of flyfishing.  That said, I've been using 2 dry flies.  Generally, I will run a bigger one for my lead fly, like a size 12 Amy's Ant.  Red works well.  I like this fly because it has legs, is highly visible, and floats extremely well.  Behind that is a Putterbaugh Caddis, size 18.  It doesn't seem to matter what tippet size you use but generally I have 4 or 5x to my first fly and 5 or 6x on my second fly.  As you will see in my pics, a small Griffiths Knat or Adams also works well.  The fish like to set next to the bank.  I just walk next to the bank, walking upstream and casting to the slower seams and pocket water.  The fish will only average 8 to 10 inches but they are very cooperative and sometimes you even get that explosive take that surprises you with a bigger than average fish!  Good Luck and Tight Lines!  Josh
Thanks Josh

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