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Clear Creek

What's that? A Dry Fly?  Yes!!  I haven't seen any fish rising much yet, except to eat my Putterbaugh Caddis, shown in the mouth of this trout.  I fish a dry/dropper rig on Clear Creek whenever I can get away with it.  Each day is getting better on Clear Creek.  Warm cloudy days seem to be the best. The fish on Clear Creek are small and very spooky on sunny days.  The Rainbow Warrior for my dropper has been working very well.  All of Idaho Springs is fishing well.  I haven't made it down into the canyon.  I imagine it will take longer to thaw out than the Idaho Springs section.  In town gets a good deal of light during the day. If you have any questions come in the shop or give Rob or I a call. A fish caught may be a gift from someone else and that fish you put back may be a gift to someone else.  Tips up! Josh

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