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Late Fall On The Blue

I don't fish the Blue very often in the summer but when the weather turns cold, I find myself in Silverthorne a lot.  It can be a technical river.  Good presentation and tiny bugs often get the job done here.

    Shrimp work well, I prefer a size 16 Mayer's Mysis.  Juju Baetis in black and red, size 20-22.  RSII's also work well in size 18 and smaller.  Black and gray are good colors to start with for the RSII.  Sight fishing is my preferred method here. The water is low and clear this time of year and spotting fish is relatively easy compared to those high spring flows.  Eleven to two pm is probably the best time to be out but I've done well in the evening and morning as well.  If you've got cabin fever and need to get out of the house, the Blue is a good option.  Parking is close to the river, so you can go warm up those fingers and toes when they start to freeze.  Keep those tips up!


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