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Chinns Lake

fly fishing

I've been so busy working and fishing that it has been hard keeping the reports up to date this year! I visited Chinns in the last few weeks and it was really good as well.  There are some decent Brook Trout in there.  It takes a hike or a 4x4 to get up there.  But the views are gorgeous and the fishing is usually pretty good too.  But it is a high mountain lake, you can go one day and have a great day and the next you don't see a fish.  The late season high mountain lake an stream fishing has been pretty good this year.  The lake itself is pretty low but I could access some drop offs with my waders on and found that worked pretty well for me.  Nymphing and dry flies were both working here.  Copper colored leeches and BH Zebra Midges work well here as well as emergers in various patterns.  The lakes are gonna freeze up soon and the trail will close and be snow packed so get up there ASAP!  I've been in a constant hurry to get in as many lakes as I can before the state freezes. Once again, good luck!  Call the shop with any questions! Keep em wet! 

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